Find Used Cars for Under $10,000 in St. George

At Stephen Wade Chevrolet, there's a number of standout options available, especially in our used car lineup, including many certified pre-owned Chevrolet options. For those who are looking to maximize their savings, we have options that cost $10,000 or less, and provide you with bargain pricing as well as a quality driving experience through areas like St. George, Cedar City and Hurricane.

Browse Bargain Used Cars

You're going to be able to search through our collection that's always changing as there's vehicles that come in and out of our dealership. You can shop by brand as there are used Chevy vehicles under $10,000, but many others across a variety of different automakers. You'll find that while some have mileage and model years to their name, these still are reliable and present affordable options to those on many different budgets. We're here to guide you through them all, and if you find the one that grabs your attention we can arrange for a test drive.

If you find the right fit among this selection, we can talk financing and help you get an auto loan, apply a trade-in if you have one, and put it together for an affordable payment plan that lets you enjoy a quality vehicle at a low price.

Learn More About Used Cars Under $10k at Steven Wade Chevrolet

To begin, contact us at the dealership. We'd be happy to help you every step of the way and set you up in an affordable vehicle soon!

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